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Holdiong Down Prescription Costs
Brother's and Sister's, as you all are aware the costs of prescription drugs and health care are right out front with all of the political debates that have been going on and will continue to be a very burning issue in our contract negations and with the political elections in November.  I went on line and have been doing some investigations about drug prices.  Most of us use a mail in prescriptions company to save money on the 90 day supplies. WELL, I have had my eyes opened during my investigations! First of all the $4.00 lists that Walmart (I know I can hear the groans already and wondering WHY WOULD ANYONE GO TO Walmart! Those of us who are retired and on fixed incomes will tell you one word MONEY! That's why.) and TARGET have out there are the SAME! So if you don't want to shop Walmart you can go to TARGET and spend the same amount for generic prescriptions. So what I would recommend everyone to do is print out a copy off the Internet and take it to your doctor and have them put the list in your file and when it comes time for a prescription have the doctor look to see if the medicine is on the list and go that route for your prescription instead of by mail. Now another interesting bit of information that I discovered a medicine that I take is $50.00 for a 90 days supply with mail order, at Target the same medicine is $4.00 a 30 day supply making a 90 day supply $12.00 a difference of $38.00.  HELLO - Where am I going to get that medicine?
Also I had heard that you didn't need to be a member to use the Costco pharmacy. Well that did turn out to be TRUE! Since the pharmacies are state and federal regulated you have everyright to use them WITHOUT A MEMBERSHIP. To stare and compare prices you can access the information at and look for the pharmacy and access it that way. The same medicine at Medco again was $50.00 and at Costco it was $16.50 so again it was cheaper than MEDCO and some were cheaper than Target so again SHOP AROUND for the best "deal".
So if you are out traveling and need some prescriptions or are at home you have more money saving options at your fingers. It's also a way to help lower the high costs of prescriptions that the company will be saying is killing them. So again if you know of any retirees that don't have access to the Internet please pass this along to them so we can help everyone save some money. After all that's the name of the game! 

The  Wal*Mart $4 Perscription  web site.
The Target $4 Perscription  web site.
The Hy Vee $4 Perscription web site.

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