Has assisted our members with questions on pensions and reitrement. Feel free to take advantage of their services. www.principal.com

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 Financial Services Representative
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Retiree News ...
Got this email from Wells Fargo
Prepare for the future with Principal® Forward together
Principal Financial Group acquired the Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust business on July 1, 2019. Your account with the Lumen 401(k) Savings Plan will move to Principal the week of May 24, 2021. Principal and Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust are committed to making this transition smooth for you with a singular focus on uninterrupted service and safeguarding of your retirement assets. This communication explains what you can expect during the transition to Principal and actions you may want to take. During the transition, access to your account will be limited. Please read this communication carefully to ensure you understand key dates and how they may impact your account.
When making financial decisions, we know you need information, education, and support to feel confident with your choices and that’s where Principal comes in. We’re excited for you to learn about the new tools and resources available to you through Principal to help you reach your financial goals.
With Principal, we believe more is possible
Principal, an organization with more than 140 years of financial experience and over 75 years experience with retirement plan services, is working closely with Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust to bring you support and new capabilities. They’ll help move you toward your goals with more personal service, helpful tools and educational resources.
Committed to a smooth transition
While some things will be different, the benefits you receive from your plan will be the same. Your information and elections will move over automatically, including your current beneficiary designation and any existing loan(s) or ACH permissions if your plan allows.1 Separate communications were sent or are attached below if there will be changes to the features or investments offered in your retirement plan. Until the plan’s migration, you can continue to access your account online at wellsfargo.com/retirement-plan/, through the Wells Fargo mobile app or the Retirement Service Center at 1-877-379-0118.
Target My Retirement® Information
Self-Directed Brokerage Account Information
Memorandum of Understanding
Important dates to remember
May 13, 2021
Target My Retirement (TMR) blackout transition period begins. Review the enclosed TMR insert for additional details.
May 20, 2021
Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account blackout transition period begins. Review the enclosed SDA insert for additional details.
May 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time
Blackout transition period begins.2 You’ll be able to view your account information at wellsfargo.com/retirement-plan/, but you will not be able to make any changes to your account until the move is complete.
Your account balance will transfer to Principal based on the account value at market close. Please note, this does not impact non-retirement account(s) you have with Wells Fargo. You can continue to access those through wellsfargo.com or through the Wells Fargo mobile app.
Week of May 24, 2021
When the move is complete you will have full access to your information and new plan resources.3 If you’re no longer working for the employer who offers this plan and your balance is below the minimum amount required to remain in the plan (if the plan has a minimum), you’ll have 60 days after the account transfers to elect a different option for your savings. If you don’t make an election during that time, your savings will move to the designated IRA provider or be distributed to you via check, depending on the exact balance and the plan specifications.
Confirmation of move
Once your account has moved over, Principal will notify you and provide instructions on how to secure your online account access. If you’re currently working for the employer offering this plan, you’ll also be invited to an upcoming webinar on June 9, 2021. To learn more click principal.com/Forward-Together.
Please note that we are not responsible for the information contained on the listed Web site. The site is provided to you for information purposes only.
Continue to visit wellsfargo.com/retirement-plan/ to access your account.

Local 7102 Retiree Chapter


  Loretta Hanson, Vice President

  Roberta Summy, Secretary

  Danita Sapp, Treasurer

President RMC District 7
 Judy Fries

Are you turning 65 soon. 
This info could be a help to you.

And you ask what is involved in getting CL health Ins changed when I turn 65.

First off go to  Medicare.org and read through it. Very helpful.
You will want to select a secondary plan like UHC AARP etc.  
You can compare them on the medicare.gov site and which companies offers them in your area code and the costs. 
And you may want a Medicare Drug plan D if you want to help cover drug costs. 
Also the medicare.gov site lets you enter the drugs you take so you can compare which Plan D may be best for you. Next go to CenturyLink VIA Benefits (see the link in our Resource section) to sign up for or change Medicare plans.
CL has an a App called Reimburse Me so you can access Your Spending Account  from a smartphone as well and submit bills to them with the app. 

Please visit... for retiree issues... 
CWA's National Retired Members' Council web site
CWA District 7 Retiree Center
To Join the CWA Local 7102 Mailinglist go to the 7102 Contacts/Email section

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What Retirees Should Watch for 
Barbara J. Easterling is president of the Alliance for Retired Americans. She was previously the secretary-treasurer of the Communications Workers of America. For more information, visit  www.retiredamericans.org

The Telecommunications History Group (THG), is where you can pursue scholarly or personal research, view museum exhibits or tour a historical telephone company building. THG collects, preserves, and interprets the unfolding history of telecommunications industry. They have facilities in Denver and in Seattle. THG is a non-profit organization funded by membership dues, research fees and grants. One of the nation's largest privately held telecommunications archives, operates two museums and conduct educational programs on telephone history. In caps, I yell.. DO VISIT THIS SITE.
A side bar... Ice, snow, and sleet have caused more damage than any other agent. Certainly in the Midwest states that comprised Northwestern Bell's territory.

Link to images of a few such storms in our mid-west states

Please take a moment and read about how this great Union got started want what it stands for.
Sometimes we need to step back and reflect what we as Union people are all about.
CWA Historical Timeline
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