CWA 7102 email has been moved to the CWA website server.
Old saved emails can not be moved to the new server.
This will be a new account for you with the same email address.

To get email from the server online

Go to

Or just

Screen shots of the two options for how the email user screen looks.

You can also  use a standalone Email program on your PC or Laptop or cell phone.

Setup Instructions for many types of email standalone programs can be found here
How to configure an Email program

How to set a cell phone (this example is for Android)
to get email from the server.
Go to  Settings    Apps   Email    Add account

Sync emails  turn on
Sync settings 
Email sync schedule   
            Set sync schedule
        Sync schedule while roaming  
                Peak schedule
       Number of emails to save
Account settings
       Account name and color
       Your name 
       Always Cc/Bcc myself
      Show images

Incoming server

POP3 server
Security type  SSL
port  995
auto delete form server  Never or When deleted from Inbox

Outgoing server

SMTP server
security type   none
port  587
require authentication to send emails     turn on


If you have questions email me at
Ron Bunge