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They may have knocked us down but we are coming back with a unified strength they never imagined!

Thank you to all who participated in person or through a local union representative at the Iowa Federation of Labor COPE Convention this past weekend.  As you know, Labor has endorsed many great candidates including several who face opponents in the June 5 Primary.  It is imperative that we reverse the anti-union, anti-society tactics of the existing elected majority.  This will not, however, happen on its own.

Now is the time to put our feet on the streets and start visiting face-to-face with our labor brothers and sisters. We MUST advance the momentum of energy and enthusiasm throughout this election cycle.  A November 2018 win is dependent upon having labor supported candidates make it through the primary election.

Please join the Iowa Federation of Labor beginning this Saturday, April 21 as it kicks off the Labor 2018 Political Program. 

   WHERE - Iowa Federation of Labor, 2000 Walker, Des Moines


   Can be picked up starting at 9:00 .m. and should be returned prior 

<>    to 3:00 p.m.  Join in any time during those hours.   
The Labor Walks will take place every Saturday from April 21 through June 2.  Please email me if you and others in your union are able to participate in the Saturday walks.  Make sure to note which Saturday or multiple Saturdays best fits your schedule and how many will be joining the efforts.  Advance notification allows us to have enough packets put together for all who want to affect change by taking an active role in this vital Labor 2018 Program.  Thank you.

Sisters and Brothers,
<>At the South Central Delegate meeting Brother Fallis from the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 352, reminded everyone about the Annual Stamp Out Hunger Event on Saturday May 5th.  DMARC is the agency that works with us on this project here in central Iowa.  DMARC needs help after they receive the food to sort it.  If you want to help this this project please go to this Link and sign up!  It is way easy and there are a number of times and days to choose from.  Thank you in advance for considering this ask and can you please push this out to your members to give them an opportunity to help.  Click the link below!

'Stamp Out Hunger' Food Sorting
In Solidarity,

Mark Cooper

South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

2000 Walker Street Suite H
Des Moines, Iowa 50317


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DES MOINES – AFSCME Council 61 President Danny Homan issued the following statement following Governor Reynolds’ signing of yet another round of mid-year budget cuts:

“This morning, Kim Reynolds signed SF2117 into law, which cut an additional $35 million from the budget that was approved by the legislature last year. There are only three months left to absorb these massive cuts in state government, which is not only irresponsible, but also dangerous.

“This is the second year in a row that the Reynolds administration has had to pull money from the current budget just to pay the bills. Why? Because tax breaks for her donors and big businesses are more important than the hardworking employees who make our state happen. This budget nightmare was signed into law all while she is trying to push over $1 billion in tax cuts through the legislature. This will obliterate our state’s finances just like it did to Kansas.

“The sad thing is, everyday Iowans are going to pay the price for her irresponsibility. When we cut our regents by millions, students and their families see their debt increase. When we cut corrections by millions, safety in our prisons deteriorates. When we cut DHS by millions, kids in our foster care system suffer. Iowans should brace themselves for the impact of these cuts. Iowans deserve more competent leadership and they should demand it at the polls in November.”

Department — SF 2117 Cuts
-Department of Human Services $4.3 million
-Board of Regents $10.9 million
-Community Colleges $500 thousand
-Judicial Branch $1.6 million
-Department of Corrections $3.4 million
-Department of Education $784 thousand
-Department of Public Health $662 thousand
-Iowa Workforce Development $167 thousand
-State Public Defender $236 thousand
-Iowa Public Television $68 thousand
-Department of Inspections and Appeals $102 thousand
-Department of Revenue $528 thousand
-Department of Agriculture $188 thousand
-Department of Justice $378 thousand
-Department on Aging $110 thousand
-Department of Public Safety $200 thousand
-Department of Natural Resources $123 thousand
-Economic Development $158 thousand
-Iowa Skilled Worker & Job Creation Fund $10 million

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