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 Local meetings are now at 6:30 PM (time change) on the 2nd Thursday of each month..
Principal Financial Group has assisted our members with questions on pensions and reitrement. Feel free to take advantage of their services.  See how to contact them in our  Resource Info section

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Attached is the first edition of Centurylink's Retiree Benefits and Wellness newsletter .

It can be accessed at and then clicking on Retiree Status.
 It is planned as a quarterly newsletter.

Retiree Benefits and Wellness Newsletter for CenturyLink Retirees

Sisters and  Brothers,


We the undersigned Citizens of the Great State of Iowa, do hereby sign this Petition to show our support for the State of Iowa Employees. We feel that Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code allowing State Employees a right to Collective Bargaining should not be changed and let it stand as written.

This petition will be delivered to:

State Senator

Rich Taylor

  <>In Solidarity,
Mark Cooper

South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

2000 Walker Street Suite H
Des Moines, Iowa 50317


CWA President Chris Shelton’s Statement on the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held its hearing on the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be U.S. Attorney General this week. The following is a statement from CWA President Chris Shelton:

CWA has pledged to hold President-elect Donald Trump accountable for the big promises he made to the American people during the campaign.

That starts with the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions has spoken out against the Voting Rights Act, calling it "intrusive." As a U.S. attorney in Alabama, he pushed charges of voter fraud against African American activists that quickly were dismissed by a jury. He has criticized the National Council of Churches and the NAACP for being involved in activities "that people consider to be un-American."

He was rejected by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 when he was nominated for a federal judgeship because of troubling racist statements.

Supporting, protecting, and enforcing civil rights laws is the basic requirement for the nation’s top law enforcement officer, along with the strongest commitment to safeguarding voting rights. Sessions fails this test.

Brothers and Sisters of CWA 7102.
I thought now would be a good time to send out a reminder that we are just a little over a year away from the end of our current contract.
Our brothers and sisters at Verizon just ended a nearly 7 week strike. Their fight is going to be our fight. They were able to make big gains by standing together. Corporate America’s attack on the working class is never ending. When companies like Verizon that make a billion dollars a month in profit want to take more away from its workers. We need to be prepared.
We hope to never have a strike or lockout. That being said they do happen.
Now is the time everyone should be putting money away in preparation for a work stoppage.
We need to be signing up non-members.
Just remember united we bargain divided we beg.

In Solidarity,
Don Dawson
President CWA 7102

Dear CWA Retiree,
The best way to keep in touch with fellow CWA retirees and receive current information, is to join the Retired Members Chapter. At this time, we are meeting at the CWA 7102 Union Hall at 3612 SW 9th St. in Des Moines, on the third Tuesday afternoon of each month, at 1 PM. Our meetings usually last for around an hour, and you may feel free to bring a guest. If you’ve not been attending these gatherings, you’ve been missing out!  Please come join us!
Our membership dues are $24 per year, which helps with the cost of keeping us informed of news that affect us and our wallets. This small amount, widens the scope and power of the union, and provides the strength and foundation for positive changes.
Why should you join with your fellow CWA retirees?
SOLIDARITY… Since we no longer meet at work, it is an opportunity to remain united with your fellow members, and stay informed on issues of contract negotiations and endangered healthcare benefits.
STRENGTH… If we remain silent and isolated, we won’t be heard by those who affect our union benefits.  By joining with us in unity, our strength increases, and we WILL be heard!
ACTION…  As an organized group, we strive to resolve our shared issues and concerns.
INFORMATION/EDUCATION… We learn about news affecting our lives. Enlightening program speakers share insightful current information from which we can benefit.
  COMARADERIE … After union business has been discussed, we have time for food, fun, and friends!
AND, even though we have retired, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE REMAIN UNITED, with upcoming contract negotiations, the results of which could certainly impact us! Our health care benefits are of vital concern, both for those who are Medicare-eligible, and –ineligible, as well as for future retirees. WE NEED TO SHOW OUR STRENGTH AND UNITY, toward a positive outcome within the new contract!
Please complete the attached/enclosed survey (if receiving this communication via e-mail, the survey link is , and return your completed survey WITHIN THE WEEK, so we can compile your responses to better serve your needs.
Thank you, in solidarity,
  The CWA RETIREES Local Board
Robbie Thompson-Blythe, President   515 490-9571
 Loretta Hansen, Vice President
Danita Sapp, Treasurer   515 238-8656
 Roberta Summy, Secretary   515285-7432 or 515 537-3121
Labor Leaders and members gathered to have a discussion with former 
CWA International President Larry Cohen Friday Jan. 8

Mark Rocha had the privilege to introduce Larry....

Through its Next Generation program, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) is connecting members aged 35 and under with seasoned member-mentors over the age of 35 to form a network of committed union activists across the country. Next Gen activists bring youthful energy and unique insights to the task of advancing economic and social justice.
If you are a CWA member who is 35 or under and want to learn and lead, you belong in Next Gen.  If you are a CWA member who is over 35 and willing to share your experience as a Member-Mentor, Next Gen needs you.

Be part of CWAs future.

Download the CWA app and receive information directly on your phone.
Be the first to know about events in your area and breaking news.
Send photos easily from your phone to CWA 

         Or on your smartphone search for CWA app

There is one solution to skyrocketing inequality that most of the TV talking heads love to ignore: Unions! It is no surprise.
Without unions, big companies like Walmart or Amazon can cut benefits, allow unsafe working conditions, slash wages, and pocket the massive profits.
Well, I am not afraid to talk about how unions are essential and I am relying on you to get the word out. Please watch and share now:
More economic growth, higher wages, shared prosperity all by strengthening unions. 50 or 60 years ago, it was considered obvious; today, folks are afraid to talk about it. That is what decades of right-wing propaganda will do.
The first step is to spread the word by sharing this message right now, because MoveOn will be campaigning for the idea that gets the most traction in our Big Picture series.
This video is the latest in the â€Å“Big Picture: Ten Ideas to Save the Economyâ€Â&#65533; series I am working on with MoveOn. And MoveOn has committed to campaigning on the ideas that get the most traction. So if you believe in fair pay for a hard days work, you wont want to skip watching and sharing this video.
Thanks for all you do.
Robert Reich

A worldwide virtual community of workers, union members, leaders and activists coming together in support of ALL labor. Click HERE to go to the UNIONS4WORKERS facebook page

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