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You’re one of our top activists on trade and today will be a big day. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to speak up for working people and take a stand to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Even though the TPP was signed last week by the U.S. Trade Representative and the other countries involved, we still can insist that our lawmakers oppose ratification. Today and tomorrow, working men and women from around the country are calling their representatives to do exactly that.

Click here or dial 855-856-7545 now and urge your representative to oppose the TPP.

You’ve been with us on this for a while now, so you already know the talking points: The TPP was written in secret—without considering workers’ interests. It will ship our jobs offshore, let corporations suppress wages even more, and give corporate CEOs and private interest groups even more power over our communities.

We’ve built great momentum, and many of our elected leaders have heard us and continue to stand with us. Working families have written letters, signed petitions, left testimonial comments and even introduced and passed more than 100 resolutions in local municipalities—all in opposition to the TPP.

We’re making progress and will not give up now. Let’s remind Congress we’re still watching and will hold them accountable.

Join other working women and men Feb. 8–9 and stand up for our jobs and wages. Click here or dial 855-856-7545 and urge your representative to oppose the TPP.

In Solidarity,

Celeste Drake
Trade and Globalization Policy Specialist, AFL-CIO 

Nate Boulton
Candidate for Iowa Senate - District 16


Iowa for Bernie facebook 

Iowa for Bernie web site 

Mark is going all out.

Feeling the Bern at the 2015 Latino Fest ...


My Morning Joe's peeps Sen. Joni Ernst photo bomb us.. — at Java Joes CoffeeHouse.
Mark Rocha

Mark with Sen. Sanders wife Jane

At Java Joes CoffeeHouse.

With Mario Rocha at Java Joes CoffeeHouse
Selfie with Morning Joe

Labor Leaders and members gathered to have a discussion with former 
CWA International President Larry Cohen Friday Jan. 8

Mark Rocha had the privilege to introduce Larry....

Through its Next Generation program, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) is connecting members aged 35 and under with seasoned member-mentors over the age of 35 to form a network of committed union activists across the country. Next Gen activists bring youthful energy and unique insights to the task of advancing economic and social justice.
If you are a CWA member who is 35 or under and want to learn and lead, you belong in Next Gen.  If you are a CWA member who is over 35 and willing to share your experience as a Member-Mentor, Next Gen needs you.

Be part of CWAs future.


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There is one solution to skyrocketing inequality that most of the TV talking heads love to ignore: Unions! It is no surprise.
Without unions, big companies like Walmart or Amazon can cut benefits, allow unsafe working conditions, slash wages, and pocket the massive profits.
Well, I am not afraid to talk about how unions are essential and I am relying on you to get the word out. Please watch and share now:
More economic growth, higher wages, shared prosperity all by strengthening unions. 50 or 60 years ago, it was considered obvious; today, folks are afraid to talk about it. That is what decades of right-wing propaganda will do.
The first step is to spread the word by sharing this message right now, because MoveOn will be campaigning for the idea that gets the most traction in our Big Picture series.
This video is the latest in the â€Å“Big Picture: Ten Ideas to Save the Economyâ€Â¯ series I am working on with MoveOn. And MoveOn has committed to campaigning on the ideas that get the most traction. So if you believe in fair pay for a hard days work, you wont want to skip watching and sharing this video.
Thanks for all you do.
Robert Reich

A worldwide virtual community of workers, union members, leaders and activists coming together in support of ALL labor. Click HERE to go to the UNIONS4WORKERS facebook page

New from your Union. Sweatshirts
They are $40 each.  Sizes M-4XL. 
If you just wonder down the road of life without speaking up for your rights you are just ROAD KILL.  But you can occupy the road telling the 1% you are not going to be run over by them anymore.

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